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Should I Buy A New Or A Used Toyota Car Or Truck?

You have decided that Toyota is the vehicle brand for you. But maybe you’re wondering what kind of Toyota – new or used? – you should buy. This article will contain some information that will allow you to weigh the pros and the cons of buying new or used.

Used Toyota cars: Bigger risk or bigger savings?

Michelle Krebs, a writer for, says that the current market has an abundance of used cars for sale. Because the supply is higher than the demand currently, prices are dropping. In many places, used Toyota selections are plentiful – eco-conscious buyers can even find hybrid vehicles like the Toyota Prius and Camry at reduced rates. For many buyers, used cars or trucks are synonymous with a great selection at the lowest price possible. Used cars, however, can be a gamble. Some information about a used car or truck – such as where the previous owner drove it, how he or she treated the vehicle, and whether the vehicle was purchased used in the first place – might not be available to the next buyer. Worse, some car dealerships rehab cars that are not working well or that have serious malfunctions that might show up later. These types of used vehicles are called “lemons,” and no vehicle brand – Toyota, Subaru, or Dodge – is without its lemons.

Fortunately, reputable Toyota dealerships have been toughening up their requirements about which used vehicles they will or won’t accept. Some used cars include factory transferable warranties that can be carried from one owner to the next. More importantly, a good dealership will always perform thorough inspections and test drives on any used vehicles slated to be sold on its lot. Still other dealers offer “certified pre-owned programs,” which involve more stringent requirements for used cars that can be sold. Finally, used cars and trucks can be a better value. Even when outfitted with special features, they always cost less than their factory-new counterparts. Remember: A new car loses value the minute it is driven off the dealership lot.

New Toyota cars: More money – fewer problems?

When you buy a Toyota car or truck new, you are almost guaranteed a few benefits. First, your new vehicle should be relatively maintenance free – especially for the first several years of ownership. The vehicle warranty will often cover routine maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations, as well as the cost of part repairs or replacements and outer look of your car as you can maintain your car look by toyota camry cover. Warranties can even cover related vehicle services, like roadside assistance. . You might have more information at your disposal about new Toyota vehicle prices, too. The price of a used car or truck is heavily dependent upon its condition and mileage – two factors that are often completely independent of vehicle make and model. Conversely, pricing information about new vehicles is readily available – in newspapers, on Toyota dealer Web sites, or on Internet car pricing resources – and prices are fairly standard. If you are trying to negotiate a fair price on a new car, you are in a better position to ask for the lowest price available, because unlike used cars, mileage and wear and tear are not factors. The biggest downside to buying a Toyota new is this: a new vehicle is a larger investment, and will depreciate the minute you begin driving it. Vehicle depreciation is exponential, as demonstrated by the mathematical model of exponential decay, V = Voert . This model demonstrates that over a 10-year period, a vehicle will lose much of its value; for example, a $20,000 new car is worth just over three thousand dollars in 10 years. Ultimately, consumers should chose the Toyota model and vehicle condition suitable for their individual lifestyles, budgets, and needs. The best way to shop for a vehicle is to make a budget; draw up a list of what you are looking for in a car or truck, and then become as informed as possible about all of your options.

2010 Toyota Camry – History in Making?

The Toyota group revealed the 2010 Toyota Camry model at the North American International Auto Show in the year 2009. The visual changes to the vehicle include front fascia, LED tail lamps, larger head lamps and the new wheel cover designs. Looking at the luxurious features, Sound system with the USB connectivity and a backup camera is incorporated to the navigation device as well. The newly designed engine 2.5 liter 2AR FE I4 replaces the 4-cylinder models in the non hybrid vehicles, which are now available as either 6-speed automatic transmission or the 6-speed manual transmission. The powerful 133 kilo watts model and also the Smart key System are available to the Camry SE edition. The vehicle Stability Control is standard on all the Camry grade models. The production of the new 2010 Camry began in the month of January, 2009 and sales started from the month of March. The model was sold in the month of March, 2009 as the model vehicle for the year 2010. As far as the safety features of the vehicle are concerned, the Camry is equipped with the dual frontal air bags, driver’s knee air bag, rear and the front row side curtain air bags and the side torso air bags mounted at the front side. The other safety features in the vehicle include anti lock brakes, electronic brake force distribution, a system to monitor tire pressure and the brake assistance system. The traction control system and the vehicle stability control are made common in all the 2010 Camry models. The safety of the Toyota Camry is improved by using the ultra high strength steel, which whould be hot stamped to the Camry’s center and the front pillars, rocker structures and the roof. The Camry has also gained good rating in the overall impact crash test and the frontal offset safety tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Replacing the Tires on Your Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry has been in production since 1982 here in the United States. This car has been a dependable mode of transportation for many of us. In fact some Camry’s have even been dubbed family members and given names. In fact I hear stories quite often of how a Camry has been handed to from generation to generation and still going strong after 300 or 400 thousand miles. Unlike other car owners Toyota owners tend to keep their cars for quite some time because these cars are so darn dependable. Because of this we have to look at ourselves and ask if we are one of these people. If so then we may want to do some research before buying our tires. Generally for a compact car I recommend a fairly inexpensive 40,000 mile tire since the tire usually lasts until the car gets traded. With the Camry however I like to recommend a little bit higher quality tire. Camry’s do not require performance tires so that is one thing I would advise to stay away from as it would be overkill for this car. I would on the other hand recommend a tire that will take some miles. There are many higher mileage tires that you can choose from from a variety of manufacturers including Pirelli, Michelin, Yokohama and Dunlop to name a few.

Now as I said you do not have to go overboard and get to high of a class of tire. One tire that comes to mind that fits my recommendations would be the The Yokohama AVID Environ tire. This tire for size 215-60-16 runs approx $95.00 each and is approx a 60,000 mile tire. The Environ is a quality all season tire with some nice performance aspects that work well with the Camry. Now there are many other tires that will work just as well as this is only one example. The point I am trying to cover is to look for something that will handle well for your driving conditions at the same time will last for quite awhile. The Toyota Camry is one compact car that is worth giving something a little better then basic. Now if you live in a state with severe winters I still recommend running snow tires in the winter. Snow tires can be personal choice and should match your driving habits. For example if you do mostly highway driving then you may want to consider a winter performance tire. On the other hand if it is back roads then an aggressive snow tire might be your better choice. You know your driving habits better then I do.

The Toyota Camry Hybrid

The standard Toyota Camry Hybrid comes with a 2.4-liter, 4-cyliner engine capable of producing 147 horsepower at 6000 rpm. When this is combined with the 105-kw electric motor and the 40 hp output of the traction battery pack, the net system power is 187 hp. It is a ULEV, or Ultra Low Emission Vehicle. It comes standard with a continuously variable electronically controlled transmission. It has a curb-to-curb turning circle of 36.1 feet. The hybrid also comes with electric power assisted steering. Brakes are anti-lock, ventilated discs with which regenerative braking is utilized. Vehicle Stability Control and Traction Control help provide safety features under adverse conditions.


EPA city/highway fuel figures are 33/34 mpg. The fuel tank holds 17.2 gallons. With an average fuel mileage of 33 mpg, that’s over 550 miles on a tank of fuel. It will seat 5 people. Curb weight is 3680 pounds. With the rear seats set up, the luggage capacity is 10.6 cu. ft.

Standard Exterior Features:

Aerodynamic headlamps offer an auto on/off capability.

Steel 16-inch wheels come with P215/60R16 tires and wheel covers.

Power mirrors are provided.

Noise-reducing front windshield comes with glass that absorbs solar energy.

Rear window defogger comes with a heavy-duty electric motor and a timer.

Exhaust is chrome-tipped.

Standard Interior Features:

Audio equipment includes a satellite capable AM/FM radio and CD player that can play MP3/WMA recordings, an audio jack, an in-glass antenna, and six speakers. Multi-information display provides information on energy flow, temperature (outside), fuel economy (average), drivable range, and distance traveled. Positron meters provide instant mpg, speed, fuel level, and coolant temperature readings. Odometer, dual trip meters, and quartz clock are digital. Entry system offers keyless capability, remote unlock/lock, trunk-release, illuminated entry, and panic setting. Smart Key System allows remote starting and unlocking. Steering wheel incorporates cruise and audio controls. Power windows offer jam protection and auto up/down. Power door locks provide anti-lockout feature. Doors come with integrated armrests and front and rear map pockets. Door handles come with chrome accents. Multi-adjustable driver’s seat provides a lumbar support and adjustable headrest. Rear seats come with adjustable headrests, split fold-down capability, center armrest, and security locks. Cup holders are in front and rear. Dual zone climate controls and rear seat vents are provided. Glove box is illuminated and lockable. Overhead console provides maplights and holder for sunglasses. Auxiliary power is provided with two 12-volt outlets.

2007 Automotive Sneak Peek, Part 2!

Best of all, the roomy Versa will be priced at about $12,000, right in Scion territory. Now that Oldsmobile is out of the way, GM appears ready to take a look at how best to position the Saturn brand.  Dodge Caliber – Dodge’s Neon replacement goes where no small Dodge has gone before it. With a base price around $14,000 the Caliber will be competitive. Not much has to be done by VW to prepare for the vehicle’s arrival as it will be a rebadged version of Chrysler’s successful minivans, the Caravan and Town & Country.